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  • 商品名称: miniature semi-automatic egg tray machine
  • Product Number: FSY-1000C
  • Views : 160

  Reciprocating egg tray machine is suitable for small capacity egg tray production line, can be dry by weather.

  Power consumption is small, it is a good program for family factory use. need 3-4 workers.

  Capacity 800-1000 PCS per hour

  this machine mainly include two parts:

  Pulping system: Hydrapulper ,Pulp pump ,Air compressor,agitator,Self priming pump,pulping machine.

  Forming system: Full automatic egg tray forming machine, Vacuum pump , High pressure washer,Negative pressure tank , mould, Transfer mould, baler .

  Drying system: There are 2 kinds of drying system. One is metal, the other is brick. The conveyor plate can be one layer and multi-layer, direct combustion hot air circulation. Using the imported or joint venture brand burner (domestic uses the stove bar), equipped with an automatic control cabinet.