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  • 商品名称: Prebaked anode vibration molding machine
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Pre - baking anode vibration forming machine of Henan Fushengyuan Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd

First, the machine has the function of automatic amplitude modulation, can work in the host state, the zero vibration amplitude start, zero amplitude stop, effectively avoid the vibration of the vibration table during start up shutdown phenomenon. Greatly increasing the stability of carbon equipment, so that carbon products have been effectively guaranteed.

Second, the vibration of the machine in the course of the vibration can be adjusted, which can control the product tap density and time.

Third, the machine's amplitude modulation box, synchronous distribution box is placed in the vibration platform outside the ground position, do not participate in vibration, so the failure rate is very low.

Fourth, the vibration platform, only four with eccentric (block) of the heavy shaft operation, the vibration platform itself significantly reduced the load carrying capacity. At the same time for the operation of the four-axis visual observation, at a glance, and the use of the opening and closing bearing box, so in the maintenance process, do not dismantle the platform, without geographical constraints, maintenance is very convenient.

Fifth, the use of cast-in-place under the platform of vibration cast-in-place bearing box, in the maintenance process, from the pit position restrictions, not demolition vibration platform, maintenance is very convenient, effectively shortening the repair time and reduce maintenance costs, improved Work efficiency.

6, The vibration platform of the machine adopts 35 # steel casting, tempering treatment, steel is good, no deformation, not broken, durable.

7, the machine re-mentioned, the mold to mention the body are selected larger plate chain movements, but also configure the hydraulic fuse, safe and reliable.

Eight, selected a special synthetic rubber shock absorber pad, from the fundamental to overcome the vibration of the platform side of the pendulum phenomenon, to maintain a smooth vibration platform up and down, thereby enhancing the quality of carbon block forming, an increase of equipment stability.

Nine, the machine has zero amplitude start, zero amplitude stop function, the mold box using floating automatic positioning form, and does not participate in vibration, so the exciting force can be directly on the paste, greatly increasing the flow of paste , Through the platform, paste, between the hammer vibration, pressure, so that the finished product up and down to achieve the same high-density, homogeneity.

10, vibration machine specifications complete, four-axis amplitude modulation platform has been achieved series, standardization, automation, and according to user needs, can achieve automatic measurement, internal pressure, vacuum, fuel injection, automatic measurement, uniform fabric, PLC Fully automatic microcomputer control.

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