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  • 商品名称: Anode vibration molding machine
  • Product Number: 20110908AA
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(1) Function: 1. Semi-automatic: 4-axis automatic amplitude modulation, automatic measurement for the material, mold box front fabric, mold box automatic positioning, zero start, zero vibration after vibration, carbon block automatically. 2. Automatic: In addition to the above functions, the use of PLC automatic program-controlled operation, uniform single point of cloth, automatic fuel injection, vacuum, carbon block automatic altimeter, carbon block automatically introduced in one automated production line. (B) the use of equipment The machine is a reasonable proportion of raw materials, according to the size of different sizes required to measure the amount of added to the mold, after pressure vibration, to meet the specifications of the product requirements of the equipment. (C) Working principle The vibrating machine uses the eccentric vibrator on the rotating shaft under the vibration platform as the vibration source. When the equipment is working, the platform vibrates under the action of the eccentric vibrator, so that the upper part of the platform Of the material vibration, effectively reduce the internal friction between the materials in the upper part of the combined effect of the hammer, the material rearranged to achieve the desired results. (D) Features The device is mainly used for pre-baked anode, small size electrode vibration molding, with automatic, semi-automatic, manual control of three forms.

       It makes full use of our patented technology "dual-drive automatic amplitude modulation vibration platform", "for carbon vibration machine synchronous dispenser", "AM distributor" principle, the use of vibration compression molding method, the vibration platform Start and stop at zero amplitude to avoid resonance during startup and shutdown. The vibration process can be completed 60-90 seconds, the device can produce different specifications of the anode, the electrode, with high efficiency, reliable, stable operation and other characteristics, to adapt to the continuity of the vibration of the small amplitude feeding pre-vibration, large amplitude vibration, High-volume production requirements. All kinds of carbon block products, high density and uniform from top to bottom, the appearance of tidy, angular angular groove, the overall non-defective, long service life.

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