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Troubleshooting and troubleshooting of egg tray equipment

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  Everyone should know what egg preparation equipment is, right? Actually, egg laying equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment used to make egg tray. Since it is mechanical, there will be some failures, then the egg laying equipment failure is what? Following on from the fushengyuan machine to give us a brief introduction of the egg tray.

  There are many kinds of egg support equipment, but there are three parts: mechanical, electrical and pneumatic. The mechanical transmission mainly has the connecting rod transmission, the crank drive, the trough drive, the chain drive, the gear drive.

  The trajectory angle of mechanical arm bearing slide, slide, slide bar trajectory, mechanical composition of some simple and clear, simple fault has been repaired.

  Egg laying equipment

  Electrical control in two some, some of the electrical control of a motor operation are relatively simple, but there are parked appliances a bit messy, (stop and turn, 1-2 to switch to control time relay time relay control and motor if the proximity switches or time relay has a hairy disease operation machine will not end operation) so the less with the lower the rate of electrical appliances.

  Another some of the electrical control electromagnetic valve and the cylinder are, each solenoid valve has a switch to control cylinder is close to the switch control solenoid valve and solenoid valve control cylinder, cylinder control valve and dehydration, which constitute four of some restrict each other, do not have a job to form a chain reaction the machine does not work.

  In order to make the machine fault rate to a minimum as far as possible the use of machinery, the reduction of electrical appliances, to minimize the use of pneumatic components, machine components to simplify the more simple and better, as far as possible the use of mechanical structure makes the machine easy to find fault with simple and simple repair.

  After reading the above instructions about the egg laying equipment, will you try to avoid it?

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