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  Henan Fushengyuan Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, in Henan Province Jiaozuo City Wenxian plant, is the first production of vibration forming machine manufacturers, one of the early stage of the plant experienced a difficult start-up stage in the reform and opening up policy support and The company all the hard work of the staff gradually grow up.

  In the 1990s, the rapid development of economic modernization and the rapid construction of the city, the increasingly active business activities, the development of rich and prosperous source has become increasingly rapid, the project is also from the initial carbon molding equipment to egg equipment and garbage equipment.

  2000, the new century, a new starting point. Jiaozuo City, there have been ups and downs of the changes, the development of rich Shengyuan is thriving. With the increase in the project, carbon molding equipment, egg care machinery and garbage compression equipment and other departments continue to develop new products and technologies, the original size of the plant is no longer adapt to the needs of the company's development. Fusheng source for the company's reform and development, expand production scale, the plant area expanded to 33,000 square meters, personnel also increased to more than 200 people to adapt to the new situation under the rich source of development.

  After 2010, with the expansion of the company's business volume, the product sales market from the initial Henan market to the North China market, and then to the national market, is now breaking the border restrictions, the products are sold to countries around the world, widely acclaimed.

  Nearly more than 30 years, the company has been adhering to the "science and technology are the first productive forces" approach. Company engineering and technical personnel to go out, please come in, and tertiary institutions together, the development of generation after generation of new products, invented a number of technical patents. After a long period of production practice, a number of technical updates, product quality is more stable and mature, get egg crop, carbon sector and garbage compression sector of praise. The company will continue to work on this basis, pioneering and innovative, and strive to become the industry leader.